Virtually all knives, except for disposable and promotional products, allow the replacement of worn blades. The advantage of the wide interchangeability of the knives and blades we supply is that it is possible to try other blade designs in the same knife.

We have a very wide range of spare blades in stock, in many cases at several quality levels. We also offer containers/boxes for used blades, which allow for their safe disposal.

In our offer you can choose from standard hook, trapezoidal, chisel, rotary, and circular blades.



Snap-off blades are still one of the most widely used types of blade across all product segments.

For this reason, the quality of these blades is continuously increasing.

The quality of the blades we offer is determined in particular by:

  • segment slash – blades from the offered product portfolio are manufactured so that the segment does not snap off unintentionally when cutting the material
  • material selection – for all the offered snap-off blades we pay attention to selecting high-quality carbon steel materials; in some cases, we also offer stainless steel blades
  • TiN blade coating, which increases blade life
  • staining blades (dark blue to black) to prevent surface changes by oxidation
Non-snap-off blades are increasingly replacing snap-off blades.

The blades are manufactured in standard sizes and are suitable for almost all types of holders for break-off blades, original and non-original, across all brands.

The quality of the blades we offer is determined in particular by:

  • material selection – for all blades we pay attention to the selection of quality carbon steel materials, in some cases, we also offer stainless steel blades
  • TiN blade coating, which increases blade life
  • staining blades (dark blue to black) to prevent surface changes by oxidation

Industrial trimming (or deburring) scalpels are among the essential tools for finishing works, especially in the production of plastic parts – whatever type of plastic is used. Due to the requirement for high-quality machining and the emphasis on work efficiency and safety, great attention is paid during the production of scalpels.

What makes the offered scalpels stand out:

  • high quality of the material used
  • precision grinding
  • packing in safety boxes
  • titanium nitride coating to increase durability
  • large selection of hardnesses, angles of grinding, shapes
  • large selection of shapes
We also offer a wide range of standard scalpels for use in model and sign making.

Trapezoidal blades

In industrial usage they make up part of the safety knives that are mainly used in warehousing and dispatch activities; on rare occasions, they also form part of the machinery directly engaged in the production process.

Which blade to choose?

  • small, 0.5 mm thick blades, made of carbon steel, are sufficient for standard purposes
  • TiN-coated blades are suitable for frequent dispatch activities where there is a high rate of blade consumption
  • blades with a deeply ground cutting edge are suitable for cutting multilayer carton and stiffer materials – the deep cutting edge reduces cutting resistance
  • thinned blades with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.45 mm, suitable for foil and cardboard
We offer a wide range of hook blades.

They are used, for example:

  • in interior processing – deburring of technical fibres applied on plastic mouldings
  • when laying floor coverings in the production of vehicles
  • when working with leather
  • when working with technical textiles

The quality of the blades we offer is determined in particular by:

  • material selection – for all the hook blades we offer, particular attention is paid to selecting high-quality carbon steel materials; tungsten blades (TuC) are also a possibility
  • TiN blade coating, which increases blade life
  • Blade thicknesses range 0.4 to 0.65 mm, which allows you to cut all types of materials

We offer the widest range of industrial blades.

These blades are primarily designed for machines.

The blade can be rotated four times, which significantly extends its life. For this purpose, some blades are numbered in the corners.

We offer industrial blades in several thicknesses (from 0.08 to 0.68 mm), ground on both sides or just one (so-called ‘chisel’ cutting edge), made of various materials, and with various coatings.

The most common types include blades made of materials – and with coatings – as follows:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • tungsten (TuC)
  • ceramics
  • TiN (titanium nitride) coating
  • DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating

Use of single-edged blades is extremely wide-ranging.

We can find them, for example, in companies producing plastic mouldings, where they play an essential role in deburring products after being removed from the mould. They are also used in the production of automotive glazing and home accessories, advertising stickers, and, last but not least, in cleaning companies.

Tools on offer.
Rotary blades are a great help when cutting large areas.

Large diameters are used for cutting carpets, PVC or large tarpaulins. Smaller diameters are a sought-after working tool, especially when working with textiles, advertising materials, foils, etc.

Rotary knives are protected with a solid cover. The holder is lightweight and ergonomically shaped. It is highly controllable during work and lets you cut in a straight line; if necessary, it is possible to easily change direction or cut around a marked shape.

The combination of solid plastic cover and steel blade is ideal for regular use.

We offer rotary blades in a wide range of sizes and diameters. You can choose exactly to match your requirements and the work performed.

We ensure fast delivery for all products; we always try to provide quality tools at a favourable price for all work activities.


Plasterboard makes excellent and effective insulation for many buildings.

However, it is essential to cut boards precisely, so that they directly align with each other and no gaps form between them, which would allow heat to escape from a buildings, for example.

Reliability in this respect is ensured by using the highest quality blades from Martor, LUTZ Solingen, OLFA and KDS Japan, which we supply.

Blades for cutting plasterboard are made of high-quality carbon steel. They can be fitted with a serrated cutting edge, which is suitable for cutting all types of plasterboard.

Also, most of the blades sold are uncoated. The blades are supplied to contractors in plastic packaging, and in safety packaging for industrial use.

We also offer ceramic and plastic blades.

Advantages of ceramic blades:

  • Extreme hardness (and therefore exceptional water resistance)
  • Blades are not subject to corrosion
  • A chemically inert blade will not react with the material you are cutting
  • No lubrication or special maintenance required
  • Material is non-sparking, non-conductive and non-magnetic

Plastic blades are a safe and effective alternative to classic steel blades.

  • They are designed for scraping and deburring susceptible surfaces without risk of damaging or scratching almost such surface
  • Resistant to many chemicals and solvents

We offer a complete range of knives for fitting machines that remove membranes and skins. The high-quality cutting edge guarantees a clean cut and efficient meat processing in the slaughterhouse.

We supply knives in dimensions for all standard machines, and to order. The advantage of our membrane and skinning knives is high quality, which means higher productivity in meat processing thanks to less frequent blade replacement, improved utilization of meat, and minimizing manual finishing.

The knives we supply are used in all standard meat processing machines, such as Maja, Grasselli, Weber and Treif.

Many types of knives are in stock, or can be delivered after modification of the semi-finished product.

If you have any requests, do not hesitate to contact us.


We supply knives and blades for processing meat, poultry, vegetables, and fish, as well as knives and scrapers to make confectionery and frozen creams.

We supply machine knives for recycling and granulation lines.

Part of our offer includes sharpening the knives of our in-house production – to extend their service life and reduce overall costs.

In the offer you will find a preview of some knives for the EREMA, GALA, NGR, MUNCHY and BKR machine lines.

If you have any other requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.


We supply passe-partout blades in various designs and sizes.

Even with uneven material thicknesses, varying speeds and different cutting geometries, passe-partout blades and knives achieve perfect and highly accurate cuts. They minimize the amount of waste and imperfections.

The material, hardness, cutting edge angle, and carbide coatings are tailored for your cutting processes.


We offer a wide range of pointed machine knives, especially knives compatible with Multivac machines, and scalpers for Zünd plotters.

Pointed knives – blades are supplied as standard from the highest quality tool steels (e.g. highly hardenable stainless steel, tungsten carbide, HSS).

The material is selected based on the required application, customer specifications, or we recommend it for a specific application.

As standard, we supply knives without surface treatment; at the customer’s request blades can be provided with various coatings (TiN, TICN, Teflon, etc.), which ensure increased wear resistance, reduce friction, and thus help reduce costs due to longer knife life.

According to customer requirements, we can produce blades based on a technical drawing, according to a supplied sample, or we can design a completely new type.

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