Applicators for primer bottles are made with an emphasis on maximum chemical resistance, durability, and the accuracy of liquid application.

Techni Trade offers a wide range of applicators for applying liquids such as degreasers, activators, primers and adhesives on almost any surface – glass, metal, plastic, rubber, wood and more.

They are also fitted with an internal thread, which practically eliminates any risk of unintentional release or spillage of the liquid. Basic round and rectangular designs are stocked as standard, and we produce unusual shapes to order.

Felt and PU foam absorbent inserts are available.

Liquid flow can be regulated by selecting a suitable filling hole diameter.

The main advantages of applicators include:

  • precisely limited application of a chemical
  • exact repeatability
  • minimum requirements for operator training
  • easy regulation of the amount of applied agent

The applicators thus bring better productivity, quality, and work safety to the production process. The use of applicators is typical for the automotive and construction industries, but many other sectors use them, as well.

aplikátory na lahvičky

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