We offer the broadest range of safety knives for industrial plants as well as logistics and dispatch centres.

In addition to state-of-the-art safety systems that protect against cuts, the knives also have an ergonomic shape, so they fit perfectly in your hand.

In our offer you will find all types of safety knives from the brands MARTOR, OLFA, Klever Innovations, and Mure & Peyrot, designed every kind of use and type of packaging, for right-handers or left-handers.



Today, in virtually every industry, working with knives and blades places specific demands on safety. Thus most companies increasingly prefer the offer of safety knives to commonly available knives.

The safety of knives with replacement blades is most often ensured by an automatic spring, which allows the blade to retract quickly as soon as the knife’s user releases the blade slider by hand.

More sophisticated knives work on the principle of the resistance of the cut material. After losing contact with the material being cut, the blade slides in automatically without the user controlling the blade slider in any way. We offer the widest range of safety knives from MARTOR, OLFA, and Mure & Peyrot.


We offer a wide range of safety knives with replacement concealed blades. The concealed blade guarantees low risk of injury.

Knives with a concealed blade are especially sought after wherever packaging, foils, tapes, cartons, coils of various materials, etc. are often used.

Replacement blades are usually reusable (2x–4x).

In our offer you will find safety knives from MARTOR, OLFA, Klever Innovations, and Mure & Peyrot, etc.

Some areas, such as the food packing industry, have particular requirements for safety knives.

They often prefer disposable knives to avoid contaminating food products with foreign substances, which can stick to the blade (or even the handle) of a knife during repeated use.


Manual work with packaging materials, especially in the food industry, is distinguished by specific requirements for safety knives.

One of the safety features is the detectability of the knife by metal detectors, which prevent foreign objects from entering the production process and causing damage to a machine or, in the worst case, the final packaged product.

We offer detectable disposable safety knives as well as knives with replacement blades, made of plastic and metal.


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