Scalpels are highly popular tools thanks to their accuracy and ease of handling.

Different cutting edge and tip designs, including a safety scalpel design with a rounded tip, always allow you to find the optimal tool.

The most common use of scalpels is in plastics processing, but they are also suitable for several other materials, such as rubber, leather, paper, etc. The ergonomic holder is easy to use, allows you to guide even subtle alterations and elaborate details.

We supply scalpels in safety dispensers, which reduce the possibility of injury when being replaced.



Industrial trimming (or deburring) scalpels are an essential tool for finishing works, especially in the production of plastic parts of all kinds.

Due to the requirement for high-quality working and an emphasis on efficiency and safety, great attention is paid to the production of scalpels.

What makes the offered scalpels stand out:

  • high quality of the material used
  • precision grinding
  • packing in safety boxes
  • titanium nitride coating to increase durability
  • large selection of hardnesses, angles of grinding, shapes
Model making scalpels are ideal for any fine and precise work.

Scalpels are designed for cutting off pieces in plastic model making.


Scalpel blades are made of carbon steel, which is characterized by strength and durability. The blades ensure excellent sharpness for a long time, even when performing demanding tasks.

The edge of the blade resists mechanical damage, micro-notches or loss of plane. These blades are suitable for manual working, but we also offer specially adapted blades for machine use.

A common feature of all our products is high-quality workmanship. You can choose blades in the usual size ranges. For every type, a detailed technical specification is always provided.

We process the placed order immediately; we can directly deliver missing quantities and permanently supply large operations. We always try to maintain favourable prices for all our products.

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