Techni Trade s.r.o. (TT) is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial knives, cutting tools and consumables. We supply our goods and products to more than 3,000 customers mainly from the Czech and Slovak republics, Poland and Germany.

An integral part of the supply is also technical advice and development, so we can always offer our customers optimal solutions at the level of current knowledge.

By integrating the purchase of a large number of diverse items, we bring our customers measurable cost savings. A significant benefit is continuity of supply – thanks to high storage of items. We also supply numerous items to our business partners and distributors.

In recent years, we have mainly focused on  safety at work. For blades, we offer a wide range of safety knives – holders from renowned manufacturers, significantly reducing risk of injury. Cutting tools from Techni Trade s.r.o. are characterized by long service life, which brings higher productivity and increased work safety to the production process.



Starting out in business

The company’s history began in 2003 when Michal Pokorný, the current managing director of Techni Trade s.r.o., started out as a sole trader.

Establishing a company

Transformation from self-employment to a limited liability company took place in 2007.

Merger with LUTZ INDUSTRIA s.r.o

Another important milestone in the company’s development was the merger with LUTZ INDUSTRIA s.r.o., a company that from 2003 to 2007 operated in parallel as a major supplier and dealer of professional cutting tools from the German company LUTZ GmbH, Solingen. The merger took place in 2010.

Constructing a new building

In 2016, construction of the administrative and production building was completed – the warehouse and production plant in Čelákovice, Prague-East.

Purchasing the first grinder

In 2018, after settling into the new premises, we welcomed to Čelákovice the first of our CNC grinders for transverse and circular toothed knives.

Start of full-fledged production

This year was a turning point for all of us at TT; we started to fulfil another of our dreams – the dream of our OWN PRODUCTION! Possibility to create independently, flexibly, and with our hands high-quality products that we can be 100% proud of. We invested in two more CNC grinders, injection moulding machine and an extruder for the production of plastic bottles, and started a full-fledged production.

New laser

Higher performance and accuracy allow for further shortening of delivery dates and improvement of the quality of manufactured knives.

What can we ofter?

  • For continuity of delivery to our customers, we hold more than 4,000 stock items.
  • To reduce administrative complexity, we offer the option of consignment storage and monthly settlement – we keep accounts in four basic currencies (CZK, EUR, USD, GBP) for easy settlement.
  • We maintain accounts in two banks (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia).
  • We currently serve more than 3,000 loyal customers, and work with more than 30 regular suppliers.
  • Warehouse and production area approx. 1,500 m2.
  • We provide our customers with the opportunity to try out the products we offer. We have a dedicated showroom for this purpose our establishment.
  • Sale and manufacture of industrial machine knives to order, grinding of industrial knives, etc.

Why are we best choice?

  • Years of experience
  • Comprehensive range of cutting tools at reasonable prices
  • Wide range of designs and surface finishes of blades and knives
  • Custom production
  • Top quality products
  • Above-standard customer service
  • Flexible solutions to our customers’ requirements
  • Technical consultation
  • Very short delivery times for a wide range of items
  • Reasonable prices