Perforating knives are used to perforate thin materials so that they can be separated easily and, above all, in a controlled way. They can therefore be used, for example, to perforate paper, foils, packaging and waste bags, tear-off calendars, toilet paper, and the like.

We generally produce knives with different tooth shapes, different lengths, hardnesses and materials.

Perforating knives can make cuts against each other (one blade is plain and the other serrated), or the cut can be made against a pad. Another option is perforation without support (into free space).

We offer both perforating straight and disc knives.

We produce knives with different tooth shapes, different lengths and hardnesses. As standard, we supply knives without surface treatment; at the customer’s request, blades can be provided with various coatings (TiN, TICN, Teflon, etc.) that ensure increased wear resistance, reduce friction and thus help reduce costs due to longer knife life.


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