Circular, disc or rotary knives are suitable for cutting materials.

They are used mainly in the production of plastics and plastic pipes, as well as in the converting, food and packaging industries.

Disc knives are often used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of foil, paper, cardboard, insulating materials, non-ferrous metals, textiles, leather and the like.

Our offer also includes perforating disc knives to perforate foils, paper, etc. and multi-edged knives.

Particular types of disc knife are used, for example, in the meat industry when cutting casings.

We make three basic types of circular knives, grouped according to the principle of cutting:

  • knife against knife
  • knife against cylinder
  • knife into groove/free space

These knives can be ground on one or both sides. Whatever side you choose, it is always advantageous to grind the cutting edge at two angles – a suitably selected bevel edge significantly increases a knife’s life.

We offer disc knives with a variety of diameters, thicknesses, edges, grooves and holes.

As standard, we supply knives without surface treatment. At the customer’s request, disc knives can be provided with various coatings (TiN, TICN, Teflon, etc.) that increase wear resistance, reduce friction, and help reduce costs thanks to longer knife life.


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