Hand (snap-off) knives have been commonly and successfully used for many years for the standard operations in logistics, maintenance, dispatch and in more simple production operations.

Their advantages include, in particular, versatility, accessibility, and a wide range of designs, which differ mainly in size, handle shape, robustness and durability.

We offer knives with 3 to 6 spare blades; there are also many blade sizes to choose from – from 9 mm wide, through the most common widths of 18 to 25 mm.

We also offer special, so-called non-snap-off blades, which allow longer extension without risk of breakage, and blades with a sharp tip (30° angle). Thicknesses in the range of 0.4 to 0.7 mm are available.



Knives with a snap-off blade greatly help in operations concerning packing and dispatch. They can be used in warehouses and factories, but also at home or in the garden.

The undeniable advantage is the immediate availability of a new, perfectly sharp blade. The worn part snaps off easily and immediately frees up space for a new tool. Lightweight and robust holders facilitate easy handling.

Knives with a snap-off blade can easily make a long cut; they maintain accuracy even when guiding the cut according to a shaped template. These knives are lightweight and safe. After use, the blade slides back into the holder cover.

Snap-off blades are in demand thanks to versatility and ease of use. They can easily process paper, cardboard, plastic, soft metals, foils, leather, rubber and other materials.

Rotary knives are a great help when cutting large areas.

Large diameters are used for cutting carpets, PVC or large tarpaulins. Smaller diameters are a sought-after working tool, especially when working with textiles, advertising materials, foils, etc.

Rotary knives are protected with a solid cover. The holder is lightweight and ergonomically shaped. It is highly controllable during work and lets you cut in a straight line; if necessary, it is possible to easily change direction or cut around a marked shape.

The combination of solid plastic cover and steel blade is ideal for regular use.

We offer rotary blades in a wide range of sizes and diameters. You can choose exactly to match your requirements and the work performed.

We ensure fast delivery for all products; we always try to provide quality tools at a favourable price for all work activities.


In our range we have prepared for all customers special, small pocket knives that fit beautifully in your pocket, so you can always have them at hand.

They are very lightweight, comfortable, and some can even hang on a keyring as a pendant. They are usually about 10 cm long.


Floor scrapers are suitable for cleaning floor coverings efficiently and quickly.

Flooring knives are suitable for the tricky demands of cutting tough materials, but they are also used in industry and construction.

The flooring knife cuts and reshapes PVC, carpets, plywood and other solid materials with high accuracy and reliability; uses a practically shaped handle.

A firm grip facilitates hard work, and you can create long straight lines and shaped parts with minimal effort and dependably high accuracy.

Strong steel ensures a sharp cut without frayed edges. An advantage is undoubtedly the blade magazine in the handle, which can hold up to five blades.

This category also includes other practical tools, such as scrapers. Specially designed accessories are intended for the easy removal of labels, adhesive residues, or other impurities from the surface of ceramic plates, glass and other smooth materials.

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