For processing paper, foils, plastic or textiles, we offer you a complete portfolio of blades, knives, scissors and practical accessories.

Knives, holders, scrapers, scalpels, ceramic cutters and other equipment are adapted for easy and accurate cutting. The surfaces of knives are treated for long life and wear resistance.

The offer also includes spare knives for manual and machine processing. Accessories such as modified cutting pads, safety boxes for discarded blades, or rulers and tape measures, complete the offer.

We have adapted our offer so you can comfortably equip your workshop all in one place. You can get hold of all your equipment or replenish worn pieces without delay – and at the appropriate quality.



Discover the sectors in which you can use our tools.

Our range for the automotive industry mainly includes original blades from Solingen and blades from our in-house production.

They include:

  • deburring (trimming) scalpels
  • single-edged blades with a facet, suitable for use without holders
  • standard spare blades with metal coating, for longer life
  • robotic blades
  • ceramic blades

Many industries engaged in dispatching goods need cutting tools – and not just for packing products.

Our company has set itself the goal of supplying only the best and highest quality tools for dispatch. All our products are of high quality and come at an affordable price.

Specifically, you will find:

  • spare blades (with hook, trapezoidal, snap-off and non-snap-off blades)
  • spring-loaded safety knives (all are automatic, lightweight, and allow different depths of cut)
  • safety knives with a concealed blade
  • safety knives detectable by metal detectors
  • snap-off knives
  • knives for strapping tools
  • other knives

Industrial blades for cutting foils, machine knives for packing and production lines, recycling knives or hand knives for working with packaging material – all these you can find in this category.

We offer the widest range of industrial blades for machine lines in terms of shape, material, and metal coatings.

Here you can find:

  • standard double-edged blades
  • linear blades
  • stainless steel or carbon steel blades
  • tungsten blades
  • ceramic blades
  • titanium plated blades
  • diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated blades
  • Teflon-coated blades
  • and many others.

You will also find in our offer a range of caps for strapping tools and unwinders – both standard and custom shapes.


We offer special safety knives and spare blades.


For plumbers and craftsmen, we offer NOGA and SHAVIV tools.

These mainly include bending tools suitable for both plastics and metals, tools for cleaning pipe threads, or pipe bending.

You will also find in our offer ZENTEN professional tools such as pipe cutters, work knives, pipe benders, tools for milling valve seats, and other tools. ZENTEN is a primarily a tool manufacturer for those who appreciate high quality and long life.


Plasterboard makes excellent and effective insulation for many buildings. However, it is essential to cut boards precisely, so that they directly align with each other and no gaps form between them, which would allow heat to escape from a buildings, for example.

Reliability in this respect is ensured by using the highest quality blades from Martor, LUTZ Solingen, OLFA and KDS Japan, which we supply.

Blades for cutting plasterboard are made of high-quality carbon steel. They can be fitted with a serrated cutting edge, which is good for cutting all types of plasterboard.

Also, most of the blades sold are uncoated. The blades are supplied to contractors in plastic packaging, and in safety packaging for industrial use.


Many manufacturers of medical technology benefit from the precise processing, durability and above-standard quality of LUTZ blades.

These blades are used, for example, in surgery, pathology, ophthalmology, histology, and biopsy. They are also used in the manufacture of catheters, stents and powder inhalers.

Blades for the medical industry are highly specific.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and recommend a suitable solution.


We offer safety knives suitable for paper mills.

Our range of tools offers scissors, blades, and also pliers for plastics.

Adapted tools make manual adjustments easier when removing inflows from plastic mouldings.

Depending on the type of workpiece to be processed, you can choose universal simple pliers, pliers with different cutting edge lengths, and pliers shaped and adapted for treating plastics in hard-to-reach places.

The pliers’ blades ensure plastic parts are perfectly deburred with minimal effort. The ergonomically shaped handle is easy to use. The rubberized part prevents the tool from slipping and delays the formation of unpleasant blisters.

You can also use the pliers wearing gloves, without loss of sensitivity or comfort at work. Give your work the professional finish. Pliers for plastics are a minimal investment that will pay you back in greater accuracy and time savings.


Tools suitable for the food industry.

Spare blades, knives, and scissors for carpets or sheet metal.

Printing is an ever-evolving and fascinating industry that processes and reproduces text and image attachments.

This industry can put to good use the Martor and LUTZ Solingen blades that we sell. They meet the requirements of even the most demanding printers.

All blades for printing are made of durable carbon steel, which extends the life of their cutting edges and also prevents corrosion. Thanks to this material dirt does not stick to blades, and low weight is guaranteed.

Most blades are uncoated, but we also offer blades coated with titanium nitride. You can choose from many blade shapes and sizes.


We supply machine knives for EREMA, GALA, NGR, MUNCHY and BKR recycling and granulation lines.

Most of this supply comes from our in-house production; some standard types of blade are imported from direct manufacturers, while always paying attention to ensuring supplied tools have maximum quality.

Knives are made of high-speed steel – 19 573 or its equivalent. Part of our offer includes sharpening the knives of our in-house production – to extend their service life and reduce overall costs.


Tools suitable for wraps for vehicles, public transport or shop windows.

Are you looking for efficient and effective cutting tools for construction?

Then be sure to visit our e-shop, where you will find a large number of cutting tools – specifically:

  • blades for insulation materials
  • multifunctional knives
  • hook and trapezoidal blades
  • snap-off and non-snap-off knives
  • scrapers
  • retractable knives for different types of blades

All products have excellent properties; for example, scrapers are designed to remove all types of adhesive, paint and wallpaper.

Their high sharpness guarantees the best results. Scrapers are made in a combination of metal, glass fibre reinforced plastic and anti-slip fluoroplastics.

For contractors, we offer both widely used standard types of knives, as well as high-quality professional knives for more demanding activities.

Top-quality blades by German manufacturers from Solingen – guaranteeing long life and maximum sharpness – make your activity highly efficient and professional.


As part of our production programme, we offer machine knives and knives made to order according to customer requirements. We supply machine knives and industrial blades to all sectors of industry.

As standard, we supply machine knives and industrial blades made of carbon or stainless steel. Knives can be provided with various types of coatings (TiN, TICN, Teflon, etc.) which ensure the improvement of specific properties.

Finally, we also offer the sharpening of machine knives, scissors with smooth and serrated cutting edges, or kitchen knives.


We offer high-quality, heavy-duty hand and power tools for cutting various types of textile and technical fibres, such as aramid fibres, glass fibres, Kevlar, Twaron®, and Dyneema®.

These tools mainly include:

  • manual industrial scissors
  • battery powered cordless scissors
  • disc cutters
  • electric scissors

We also offer a wide range of blades for machine lines, spare knives for electric scissors, scalpels for plotters and fabric disc cutters such as Bullmer, Kuris, Lectra, Hoogs, and Zünd.

Tools suitable for cleaning companies.
We offer scalpels for model makers.