We offer a complete range of knives for cutting cardboard boxes.

In addition to standard segmental, circular, and perforating knives, we also produce knives with a groove or a groove and a bevel edge.

The cutting edge can be plain or have various tooth shapes, including a wavy shape. It is also possible to order knives with an ejector.

We manufacture knives according to drawings or based on a sample.

We regularly supply knives for Bahmüller, Curioni, Dörries, Genco, Göpfert, Isowa, Kirby, Klett, Martin, Massenzana, Mécanelec, Roda and Simca corrugated cardboard machines.

Our knives have a long service life, but not all types are suitable for regrinding.

Kartonážní nůž nůžkový typ

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