Industrial scissors are designed and manufactured to meet users’ above-standard demands in industrial operations, such as being used throughout an entire shift and cutting very tough materials. We also supply scissors designed for special fabrics such as Kevlar.

The highest quality scissors are still made by being traditionally forged from high-quality steels; blades can also be coated with a ceramic layer of silicon oxide, and often have micro-teeth, which increase efficiency when cutting demanding materials.

In addition to sales, we also offer to regrind and refurbish scissors, including a micro-toothed version.



Industrial scissors are developed to meet the above-standard demands of users.

The highest quality scissors have blades coated with a ceramic layer of silicon oxide, or their blades are made of the most durable hardened steel.

Micro-teeth are commonly used. These increase efficiency when cutting demanding materials. Whatever material you are cutting, with our industrial scissors, you will achieve the best results and greatest precision – having blades with different lengths also helps.

Are you looking for high-quality dressmaker’s scissors that will allow you to cut through whatever part of the fabric necessary?

Then you have come to the right place. Our e-shop offer has such a wide range of dressmaker’s scissors that there are bound to be the precise pair you are looking for.

The offer includes high-quality Robuso Solingen and Kretzer Solingen scissors, which are dull-resistant.

Most scissors also meet the highest demands for the quality of handles, which are adapted to prevent the formation of blisters on the palms. You can choose scissors of various lengths, from the shortest, with blades only 3 cm long, to the longest, whose blades reach up to 10 cm.

All types of scissors we offer will make you a dressmaking expert.


Nowadays, with the widespread availability of modern technical textiles, classic dressmaker’s scissors are no longer suitable for a wide range of applications.

They are being replaced by special industrial scissors, which can succeed in processing even the most complicated materials and fabrics.

With professional scissors for technical textiles, use of high-quality steel to handle even the most demanding textiles is a matter of course.

Most scissors are made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel.

We can use them for fabrics and threads like Kevlar, Aramid, Twaron and glass fibres, etc.


Safety is a frequent requirement for scissors, thanks to which we can also give scissors to children. In this case, too, you will definitely find the pair you need in our e-shop.

A typical feature of safety scissors is their rounded tip, which protects you and your children from unpleasant pricking, and at the same time increases the resilience of the scissors in the event of a fall.

Safety scissors are made entirely of metal, and some models have a rubberized handle. We also include rescue scissors in this category, which should be a part of every first aid kit.

Pinking scissors are a practical aid for finishing or making decorative edges.

The modified blades effortlessly create a regular line that separates the material while reshaping it to prevent the weave loosening and fraying. You can choose a saw-toothed line in several designs.

Ergonomically shaped handles help guide the scissors’ direction precisely, whether you are making long straight lines or steering your scissors along a complex route around a template.

These universally usable craft scissors are suitable for cutting almost any material. They are ideal for cutting paper, fabrics, foils, wallpaper and the like.

Within variants on offer, you can choose scissors with blades of different lengths and according to special requirements. Our range also includes scissors for processing Kevlar and other technical fibres, scissors for floor coverings, and finishing or shaping scissors.

A left-handed version is also available for many products.

Thread scissors use a special shape that fits perfectly in the hand.

Without requiring detailed guidance, these scissors can realize fine cutting, fast repetitions of small cuts, and are suitable for working with fine materials.

In textile processing, thread scissors are used for undoing poorly guided seams, repairing, or for creating fine cuts.

The scissors have sharp ends to catch fine threads and prevent damage to the surrounding fabric.

The products on offer are made of forged, hardened, and nickel-plated steel with a high carbon content. The cutting edges retain excellent sharpness even with frequent use.

They are also suitable for everyday fabrics. In our offer you can also choose scissors adapted for special technical fabrics and threads, such as Carbon, Kevlar, Twaron, Rayon, and geotextiles.

Scissors with micro-teeth use a specially modified cutting edge to make the cut faster and more accurate.

They are suitable for cutting fine or highly smooth surfaces. Both cutting edges, or just the one, are fitted with a series of fine teeth that catch the material’s surface and prevent it from slipping during each movement.

The fabric does not shrink during cutting, and the cut is guided in the exact direction with minimal effort.

You can choose scissors with micro-teeth in several sizes and with other modifications. Lightweight and solid materials guarantee high strength and durability of the cutting edges. These scissors retain a long service life even when used frequently.

The micro-teeth do not damage the material, nor do they affect the clean line and accuracy of the cut. For all the scissors we offer, we provide detailed technical specifications and dimensions.

Scissors are a common feature of the office, classroom and home.

In our wide range of products, you can choose scissors according to the length of the cutting edge, and match that with various handles and different ends.

Choose your all-purpose scissors precisely according to your specific needs. Stainless steel scissors ensure a firm and sharp cut without frayed edges.

A rubberized handle or handle made of hardened plastic makes scissors easier to manipulate. You can choose the size and shape of the handle, modified for both the right and left hand. They always ensure accurate and safe handling.


We offer the excellent Solingen Kretzer FINNY cable scissors in two variants, with a rounded end or a pointed tip.

In both variants, the rubberized handle reduces blister formation. The primary feature of cable scissors is their lower weight, which does not affect cutting efficiency, however.

Furthermore, scissors of this type contain little teeth, which help cut cables and increase the range of possible applications. You can use cable scissors to cut flowers, wire or leather. You will certainly not be surprised that the blades’ length is one of the smallest, 3 to 4 cm.

In our wide offer you will also find sheet metal scissors  from Kretzer Solingen, Robuso Solingen, Rostex and Stanley.

They are suitable if you work with sheet metal and you need to cut or create something from it. You can purchase sheet metal scissors for both right-handers and left-handers.

A primary feature is the considerable sharpness of their cutting edges. Sheet metal scissors offer the advantage of a rubberized handle, which protects your hands from calluses.

In our offer you will find several types of sheet metal scissors:

  • Straight cut
  • Cutting-out
  • Curved cut
  • Offset cut
  • Lever plate scissors for cutting sheet metal

We also offer scissors for left-handers, which have handles and blades specially designed so that left-handers can work nicely with them without a problem.


Therapeutic scissors are lightweight steel scissors, meeting the requirements of affordability and higher quality.

These special therapeutic scissors are ideal especially for people with fine motor disorders and pre-school children.

The front loops of the handle are for children or patients, the back ones for the teacher or therapist, who can help guide the cut.

The scissors are made of high quality material.

The scissors’ unique grinding enables precise cutting, while the ergonomically shaped plastic handle guarantees comfortable use.

You can also buy sets of scissors from us at a discounted price.

In this category, we offer high quality nail scissors, cuticle scissors, or a combination of the two.


Specially adapted electric scissors enable you to cut rubber, leather and PVC coverings with perfect precision.

In the offer, we present you with high-quality equipment for manual work, either cordless variants driven by powerful battery cells, or mains connected alternatives.

The cutting effect is created by the upper knife’s movement against the fixed lower knife, which effectively prevents the cut material from winding. When working, you always have a clear view, there are no delays, and the cut is perfectly executed.

You can choose complete electric knives or spare cutting heads, for electric scissors that create both straight and curved cuts, as well as replacement batteries and other accessories for efficient work. Top-quality tools will help you to cut evenly and without frayed edges.


SHARPENING YOUR SCISSORS  – done professionally, quickly, and economically in our workshop

After receiving the scissors for regrinding, we proceed with the following steps:

1) We assess the condition of delivered scissors

  • the condition of the scissors makes it possible to achieve 100% performance (further steps follow, disassembly, etc.)
  • the condition of the scissors makes it impossible to achieve 100% performance, but the scissors could be conditionally usable after regrinding (repair is consulted with the customer)
  • the scissors’ wear/damage does not make it possible to render them serviceable (scissors are returned to the customer).

2) Disassembly

  • the scissors are disassembled into their individual parts, cleaned, and the dirt, traces of corrosion, etc. are removed.

3) Assembly

  • the scissors are assembled, excessively worn small parts (washers, screws) are replaced.

4) Regrinding of the cutting edge

  • this is performed on a grinding stone of suitable grain size. To eliminate the possibility of overheating the cutting edge, we use a very low speed and the grinding stone is water-cooled.
  • as standard, we restore the original geometry of the cutting edge. Upon the customer’s request, we can adjust the cutting edge’s geometry to better suit individual requirements.

5) Serrated cutting edge

  • a micro-toothed cutting edge facilitates cutting synthetic fibre materials such as polypropylene, glass fibres, aramid, etc. It prevents the material from slipping along the scissors’ edges – cutting is then much more convenient and accurate.
  • the original serration is completely removed in the previous step (regrinding of the cutting edge) and the sharpened edge is provided with a completely new serration.

6) Final inspection

  • we check whether the scissors cut without defects – from the beginning to the tips, smoothly, without jamming, and so that the cut is straight and high-quality. any defects are rectified. the goal is for the scissors to cut ‘like new’.

7) Dispatch

  • scissors that have successfully passed the final inspection are gently lubricated along the contact surfaces and preserved. they are then handed over for dispatch.
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