We regrind industrial knives made by us, as well as those of other manufacturers. When regrinding, we use the same grinders and working procedures as we do when we produce knives.

Therefore, the cutting edge of a reground knives has the same quality as the original cutting edge of a new knife. We regrind knives up to lengths of 2,100 mm and diameters of 500 mm, made of stainless and carbon (tool, high-speed) steels.

First, we check and measure the knives that you send us for regrinding to quickly discard those that are damaged or too worn and no longer suitable for regrinding – thus saving you costs on any unnecessary grinding. This also means you can be sure that the knives we regrind are good for further use.


We grind straight and circular knives, with both serrated and plain cutting edges:

Knives with a serrated cutting edge

  • Straight – max. length 1,800 mm
  • Circular – max. Ø  250 mm

Knives with a plain cutting edge

  • Straight – max. length 2,100 mm
  • Circular – max. Ø  500 mm
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