We produce transverse knives with serrated or plain cutting edges. They are mainly used in the food, packaging and printing industries to make transverse cuts of various materials such as foil, paper and cardboard.

To reduce the impact of the knife penetrating the cut material, a gradual cut – in which the knife does not have the same height along its entire length – is often used. When it is essential that lateral forces do not occur, a slightly arrow-shaped knife is usually chosen.

The use of these knives in vertical and horizontal packages is very common.

The development of materials suitable for a wide range of food products and used primarily in horizontal packages has brought new requirements for the shape of cutting edges, so that the product can be easily unwrapped, i.e. the plastic foil torn off.

The solution for very frequently used OPP (oriented polypropylene) is a diagonal cutting edge, and especially a zigzag-shaped cutting edge, which provides high comfort to end customers – they can quickly access the product.

As standard, we supply knives without surface treatment. At the customer’s request, knives can be provided with various types of coatings (TiN, TICN, Teflon, etc.) that ensure:

  • increased wear resistance
  • reduced friction and reduced costs due to the knife’s longer life.

We can produce transverse knives on the basis of a technical drawing, according to a supplied sample, or we can design an entirely new type.


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