Finishing is an integral part of the production process for plastic or metal parts. Such work includes, for example, deburring parts, removing overflows or chips, and the like.

Scrapers, rotary knives and deburring tools from leading world manufacturers NOGA and SHAVIV will make this work easier for you.



Scrapers, deburring and cleaning tools safely tidy up the edges and overflows on plastic, aluminium and copper workpieces.

The ergonomically shaped holder allows easy handling and precise guidance of the tool on both flat and uneven surfaces.

We offer special equipment – in many variants – for manual work. The practical base is a telescopic holder that firmly fixes all the necessary attachments.

You can also choose individual scrapers in various size ranges; variants include fixed and rotary replacement blades. We strive to offer high-quality equipment for all types of craft activities. By investing in valuable tools, you save time during processing and finishing.


You can choose attachments that correspond precisely to the work performed and according to the processed material’s complexity.


You can select spare rotary knives precisely, according to the complexity and nature of the material to be processed.

We offer high-quality equipment that you can use for soft materials such as plastic, nickel, and copper. Other specially designed tools can easily handle durable steel, brass, cast iron or hardened plastics.

These spare rotary knives made of durable materials improve working accuracy. They also effectively increase the equipment’s life.

Tools come in different ranges and sizes: make your choice precisely, according to the processed material’s requirements and properties. Surface treatment can involve a protective layer of TiC, TuC or cobalt.

You can choose spare rotary knives for right-handers, left-handers or with a universal grip.

With spare rotary knives, there is no need to invest in a complete new set to get back to your familiar work style.


We focus our range of tools on special products for manufacturing and processing all types of materials.

We offer quality knives for chamfering the inner and outer edges of holes, knives for grooves, countersinks, reamers, scrapers and other specially modified tools.

A common feature to these products is high-quality workmanship and the choice of durable materials used.
With our clearly set out offer, brought to you together on one site, you can furnish your workshop or production plant with all the necessary equipment.

We also offer economically advantageous sets of deburring tools by the NOGA and SHAVIV brands.
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škrabák Noga DB5000

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